To My Mother

On a fine winter morning, an alarm rang as a wake-up call to the child. It was time to get up for his very first day at school. The Sanskrit news bulletin went on air with “AM Akashwani. Samprati vartha surengtha pravachakh Pankaj Kumar Mishra”.
The young boy who just had woken up was stubborn to witness this very first separation from home. He was scared at the very thought of this very first step into the harsh reality away from the mother’s care. To help him to be strong at this young age, the parents ditched their idea to drop him to school. They made a difficult decision, making him board the school bus alone. Yet the boldness of the decision didn’t last long in as the heart of the mother melted and they followed the bus to school. And why? Just to make sure, that the little boy was on the right track.
Another memory down the lane has the young boy alone in the car while the parents were out shopping. Hard luck? The car started to roll down that steep road. At the glance of this, the superwoman mode of the mother got activated as she jumped right in front of the rolling car, trying to stop and get her child out. At this sight, even the heart of the crowd couldn’t stay strong and it doubled the mother’s effort by stepping in.
Time passed by and the kid grew up. A mischievous boy, those who saw him grow, may recall. Subjected to multiple scolding and getting beaten up several times a day was like a routine now. Awaiting the boards result, the non-studious boy was scared even more than he ever was. But, yet again, it was his censurer who came to rescue him with an affectionate hug. The result, well, was historic! The mother’s wishes had done the magic. Sooner, for building his career, the boy landed up at a distant University, into the hostel, away from all delicacies, the care, and the affection of his mother.
He waved mummy, a goodbye for he wouldn’t be able to see her for several months. With a tearful heart but concerned mind, she stayed
strong and said nothing but bye. Somewhere deep down the heart, both knew that they would miss their regular fights and that finally the peacemaker, the father would get to have a peaceful pie.
Behind his back, the mother had a fall and injured her back. Yet knowing the concern of the child, she remained silent and kept him unaware of her pains. Laughing as ever while talking to him over the phone just to hide away her pains.
Then came the day of return of the warrior. All the facts were now unveiled, explaining why all the distant relatives visited home and said hey over the phone. Unable to walk, the mother lay on the bed whole day, a view full of pain. Tragic and terrifying as it all was, the child just prayed for the mother to get up and walk again. Finally, all the prayers, medicine and everything in process worked and came the day when the stars glittered fresh again and the mother was back on her feet.
All while this happened, history repeated itself with a little change as the one who was taught to walk, was now the walking stick

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