The Shift

India being the country where engineers come from either IITs or Non IITs…unable to appear for JEE advance is a major failure!! Life as they say is an endless journey! Changes come over and over again. Every Stormy night has a sunny bright day waiting to end it. Likewise, no IIT doesn’t really mean end of the world! I’m lucky enough my parents though hurt by this ‘failure’ of mine continued to promote and motivate! And intelligently rejected the popular belief of “DROP” And in a month or so i spent around 10k filing applications for different educational institutions for higher studies.

Finally, VIT, HPUIIT and HPCET were a few who forwarded a helping hand to pull me out of this blunder of not have been admitted to a grad school even after months of passing 12th. Well frankly speaking drop is not a solution! You and your class + your Juniors and their classmates + your dropped seniors and their co mate. Phew! Much more competition than you had last time isn’t it? Moreover, this issue can be resolved if JEE like SAT is held more than once with some colleges reserved for JEE1 and others for JEE2. Anyhow this is not it our hands but yes MHRD should come up with some solution of this kind to stop business in the name of education, which over the years has tightened its grip over the students and their families. As they say, Destiny takes you where you are destined to be!

Ending the row of questions like “beta admission ka kya hua?”, “JEE kyunihua”,
“Abhi tak gye ni?”, I got admission at Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat! Many of my friends tried to convince me to drop the admission saying, “NIT aur IIT ke aage yeh kya??”. But I silenced my inner battle to agree or not to agree by asking myself a simple question that what is the surety of them getting to an IIT or NIT in near future? And so I entered the new phase of life.

“Life’s a journey, a colorful one with both the dull and bright shades. But it depends on you, what shade you’d like to choose and stick to!”

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