That’s called Life

“When he got in and the boat was under way, and the rain-swollen river, like a stream of tears welling up from the earth, swirled and sobbed at her bows, then he felt a pain at heart; the grief-stricken face of a village girl seemed to represent for him the great unspoken pervading grief of Mother Earth herself. At one time he had an impulse to go back, and bring away along with him that lonesome waif, forsaken of the world. But the wind had just filled the sails, the boat had got well into the middle of the turbulent current, and already the village was left behind, and its outlying burning-ground came in sight. So the traveler, borne on the breast of the swift-flowing river, consoled himself with philosophical reflections on the numberless meetings and partings going on in the world—on death, the great parting, from which none returns”.

Everything in life is momentary. Nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever. People will always come and go. All the familiar faces will soon fade away into the shades of disdain. You had a circle at school right? Now, where’s that circle? Reduced to zero under the pressure of career? You reached college, met another unfamiliar bunch of people, few of which resonated with your soul. And thus, a new circle was created. Then you were pushed into the real world or perhaps “The Corporate World”. Met new bunch of people, got familiar with them, and they became your new family. Switch firms, and you’ll I know that your support group keeps changing faces. However, you might be lucky enough to retain a few from the past. Not all huh. We live in a world of free advice, so here’s one.
Help others as much as you can.

Take your friends out to grab a bite, cheer up the one who is low – emotionally or even on grades (Provided you sail the same boat). Wish Happy Birthday to even the one who would be least expecting you. Provide shelter to anyone who needs it. Be the wall to block the storm that scares the Jesus out of someone. Fetch someone a glass of water, not out of compulsion but out of courtesy. Because maybe nothing really lasts forever, maybe you might not see that person ever again, but there is one thing that will always and always last forever within you, and that’s the good spirit. We all have a lot of negativity in our life. But let’s learn from a boat. It’ll only sink if it allows water in. Likewise, we’ll have a sinking heart only if we really allow the shallowness of people to bother us and affect us negatively. So what someone double crossed you, doesn’t mean you’ll never meet someone of trust. So what someone said you are a failure, let them get rotten as you burn the midnight oil each night to overthrow the prejudice. So what if someone does not reciprocate your love, it does not have to be a two-way channel always! You are the one. The sole creator and modulator of the gem called you! No one can be you, even if they get a plastic surgery! Don’t find your happiness in others. It’s within you. You don’t need a bunch of load just to realize what suites you.

A bunch of knaves will always exist on the face of the earth to rot your peace. But trust me, they aren’t happy either. After all, how can someone so poisonous be at peace? A chef might suggest that bitter gourd gives a bitter taste while being cut, like wise poison gets poison not peace. Maybe life is not about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove we showed up.

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