About Us

One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

The same is true when it comes to a blog. Succeeding the 2014 blog, The Intervention Journal, The Burning Perceptive was launched in August 2015. It was later transformed into a community blog in the year 2016.The Burning Perceptive Blog categorizes the articles into categories namely Empower (thought provoking, real life encounters), Connect Emotion (emotional take on love and life), Hostel Diaries (from the desk of college students), Opinion (our word on the world, politics and policies) and poetry. Presently, The Burning Perceptive has over 10 regular outside contributors including very popular bloggers like Radhika Bose (Yogasini) and Suraj Teja (The Morning Reads).

Another feather to The Burning Perceptive’s cap is that it’s the first of its kind community blog of Jaypee University and also commands a decent Alexa website ranking. Refining its own standard, The Burning Perceptive is always open to contribute and to collaborate. It is this spirit that make The Burning Perceptive, the jury of words, redefined. So when are you connecting with us?