Safety of women in India – Threatened by the Threaten?

December, 2012 A girl was raped brutally and scummed to death. But why was she out at an odd hour, shouldn’t she be at her “sasural”, washing dishes, calling in her mom for the next dowry installment? All this while eagerly waiting for her husband to come back home, and rape her? Naah, why use the term rape, she’s married to him, so obviously he’s authorized to molest her. Experts would suggest him to grab his belt or anything that makes her realize who is the man of the house… But nothing of this sort happened. Why? Because she was a self-empowered 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern, travelling at an odd hour with her friend. April, 2018 A girl as young as eight was raped. I wouldn’t take her name, or else the “religious extremist” in you would start judging her… A week ago she was kidnapped while she was grazing her cattle. A week later, this little girl who could grow up to be another Saina Nehwal, winning gold for India or perhaps Priyanka Chopra, bringing home some International fame or Kalpna Chawla, intruding the space to show how high can she rise or Banking tycoon Chanda Kochhar. But what are the odds. She was destined to be raped and mutilated, all because of her religion? Shame on a democracy and shame on the thinking of a citizen who justifies the rape. A rape is a rape. It’s not age, religion or gender specific. Molestation is molestation.
Okay, you said a lady was out at odd hours alone, that was the cause. Fine. You said it was her skirt that give you the adrenaline rush, fine. You said her drunk state of mind was the cause, fine. But you saying it was her religion puts a question on your very own state of mind. That too for a girl so young? Jis cheez ko soch kr raunkte kde ho jate hai, tumne usse anjaam diya? Don’t blame the religion. It binds us in order to make us human. It’s your thinking to be blamed that divides the mankind. A terrorist has no religion. He’s a terrorist, with sole aim of destruction. So is a rapist, religion-less, senseless. But the question still remains the same. What if she was your daughter? your sister? your wife? your girlfriend? Would you still blame her integrity? her religion? her dress? her job hours? Turns out India might have advanced but Indians are still way behind a wider and broader mindset. Over the years, the government has changed, the faces of authority have changed, the laws have changed but the situation is the same, the lack of safety is the same, the absence of sense is same. Everything is same as the justice remains denied. Save the girl child comes later. Save the girls first.

Tortured inhumane death and not jail is the punishment for the rapist!

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