Not Out !

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. You push yourself against the limit just to see that one smile. You travel across cities, states, countries and oceans just to get one glimpse of their happiness. And what do you get if nothing works out? You go all gloomy and dull. You separate yourself from the very own existence, your talent, your identity! Your aspirations dive below the Challenger Deep and Arijit Singh becomes your favorite. Shahrukh Khan may suggest this to be the most beautiful thing, Kyunki sirf unka haq hai ispe. But you die, your soul dies within.

All this for what? For a no? For not being with someone with whom you farsighted your future? For not being able to hold that one hand with you always wanted to hold? For not being the gem of their eye? YES! Everyone has been there, at least the ones with guts to fall and be open about it. It’s not the end of the world though, maybe its end of a possibility. Just give it a thought. Why would you invest all your energy into a single unfruitful thing when you can you can evoke an entire whirlwind of change within? Clean your room, it’s messy. Call your mother and for a change ask her if she had food. Call your dad and ask him for the first time how was his day at office, go meet your grandparents, tell them you love them. Catch up with your old friends and make them hang out with you. If not, then make yourself hang out with you.Take yourself out on a date. Get yourself a glass of the finest wine. Shop for yourself. Yes, that new item at the store will look good on you! Get a pet, raise him well. Talk to your Colony’s guard, thank him for his daily hardships. Visit your lower kindergarten teacher, thank her for her efforts to make you speak. Call your siblings wish them good luck for their boards. Call your elder siblings with children, offer them to babysit. Drove your dad’s car? Give it a wash and surprise your dad. Granny needs a massage? Do it for her. Wake up early someday and surprise your parents with the morning tea.

Just wake up my friend wake up!! it’s a bright world outside.

PS: This is an outcome of the sheer motivation I got from Alia’s “Dear Zindagi”. Nope, I am not heart broken. Okay, may be a little. But who isn’t? Aren’t we all a bunch of  loners with shattered hearts?

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