Letter to Younger Me

Dear 16-year-old me,

Hey. It’s me. 20-year-old you. It is going to be a little odd, me writing to you, but bear with me, as I have something I want to tell you. You might not like the way I am going to break the news to you, but you need to be strong. Life is wonderful. Always remember that. You have a great life ahead of you. Probably, you are here, talking to someone for an entire night and thinking you have found a great friend. Trust me, you did. You are going to go through some bad experiences in your life. You need to be strong. Mentally, physically, psychologically. There are a lot of experiences you have to go through. It took me a while to become strong. You think a lot. It sometimes doesn’t work, dude. You think way too much. Who else could get a philosophical lesson from a pen? You think so much without acting and that stops you from acting on your thoughts. In the end, you end up with thoughts, but no action made towards them. Remember this, thinking without action would lead you nowhere, and acting without thinking is the most dangerous of them all. Think and then, act on what you thought. Study. You have done little of studies till now. And you might think that you could get away with life in BITS like that. But remember, grades are not a measure of man. Learn as much as you can. Learn whenever you can. It doesn’t matter how much you learn, as long as you learn. Measure. Measure your progress. As it goes, what gets measured, gets improved. Measure your progress consistently. It will help you stay in track. You will get out of your tracks a lot in your life. That is okay, as long as you quickly recognize it and get back on track. You are capable of great success, bro. You are capable of great things. Don’t lose
hope in bad times. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Friendships. You’ll get good friends in life. Some you leave early. Some you leave late. Friends keep changing for you. But you’ll have that core friends that will always be there. You’ll find a lot of trust issues in many friendships of yours, but you need to take the leap of faith with them. They’ll give you the support you need when you are down. It would take you time, at least that is what you will think. But forget the trust issues. Act. When you plan stuff, act on it bro. When you plan something to do by the end of day, do it. Honor your commitment. No one is expecting you to do something, but that is not why you commit to something. You commit because you have decided to achieve something. When you wake up and think you want to exercise, go out and exercise. You can sleep in and spend another two hours in bed. But that is not the reason you woke up. There are great things in your life. Remember that. I have a lot more to tell you, though. I will tell them later.

Yours truly,

Yourself (2018)

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