It’s all in the eyes

Little crinky on the edges with throwing a few lines on your forehead, they are the confused one. Mend them.
Wide open with little water gushing within are happiest. They shine different. Treasure them.
Stagnant and dry that appear like they are about to loose that little moisture are shocked. Fear them.
When there’s a thunder roaring and a massive breakdown appear out of them, know that they are the most fargile ones. Understand them.
Swollen and dying. As if searching for something and ending up in disappointment. These are the distributed ones. Help them.
Bright and non-chalantly speaking. Languages of some other world. Often ending up making you smile. These are the loving ones. Adore them.
Seeming as if they are about to shut and that there’s no hope around are the hurt ones. They are often misinterpreted. Love them.
There’s a quench in some, for lust. They seem like they are roaring and are about to shatter you. They are the worst. Beware of them.
There’s this phase of eye. Hungry. Curious they often glow up when hear something new. They are the curious ones. Feed them!
Few of them have this passion. Romance. Care. They are the best! Keep them.
Some are quiet and yet yelling as if they envy you. Indeed these are jealous ones. Prove them.
Make sure you go a little beyond the floral patters and cherry coated words and awesome aromas and beautiful faces. There’s a lot more that goes unspoken!

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