From the Hostel to the Home!

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination! Life means change! Education brings that change! Distance and separation brings the change. And what’s important is that all of sudden the “immature impatient irresponsible” champ becomes a responsible one! The one who never kept his room, Amirah clean, all off sudden starts doing all such stuffs at personal level!

Guessing what brought this change? Well simple! It’s the distance from the cozy warmth of his very own “Ghar”, the distance from the mother, his aaiji, who had been doing all this for him over all the years!And this is what makes a foolish boy a gentleman! In state of such nostalgia, I started my journey back home after several long days at hostel! With a positivity in mind for being back in the warmth of my family, happiness to witness all those nears and dears yet again was making me excited but there was also a sense of doubt for everything actually being fine or simply being portrayed to keep me unworried! Out of this disposition I reached the terminus about 4 hours ago (my bus was scheduled at 9:30 PM and I reached the terminal as soon as 5!). However, unlike any other regular day, the wait of over 4 hours didn’t really freaked me out. And why? because YES finally, it was family time! The night found me wide awake through its darkness, the twinkling stars, the furious winds, all got essence of my smile.
The morning of this night, brought in sheer happiness, as I found myself in the garden of my house with my father at the door with a smile, the smile that was declaring his utmost joy! Then came our morning tea which wasn’t any different but the warmth of the moment had made it as precious and worthy as a diamond!

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