Dearest Unrequited

Dear One-Sided Love,

They say that the saddest thing in the world is watching a person you love, love someone else. But, they don’t tell you about the gut-wrenching guilt that comes with being with that person. There are stages to offering rejection to a person for whom your love is so strong that the world sees them come in through the light of your eyes; that where to keep so much, so gentle; that it almost hurts! Initially, I came to know I’m not in love with you, even though I love you so much that I’m willing for every possible thing I can do for your sake. But your eyes, the way they never met mine in the moment, I should have known that I, out of all people, could do nothing. When I read your words and heard your songs, I found myself losing the strength to be honest, because your words had me, your muse, immortal for a few lines. I tried! I tried to keep you out of my sight for so long, but nothing was long enough to make you step out my heart! What a loser it is! You were a savior but turned out a curse in disguise? I wish I knew you were trouble! But like all beautiful things come to an end, my illusion did too! You left me with the shards of an unrequited emotion they call love. I knew what a sin it would have been to take you as mine with head afraid of going underwater. And I finally realized that though I would never love a person ever again, I started loving my routine, my black coffee, my hectic schedule, my work load and most importantly my life!
You might have been unable to evoke a whirlwind in me, but I touched compassion due to you. Here’s a hope for you to find your comfort in distance, and smile at what destiny brought in for us! Your role was well performed by you in this theater of my life! Farewell Mademoiselle!



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