Dearest Tenure

Dear Tenure, Thank you for being such a smooth and comfortable run. I can still recall the very day I interviewed for being the president. All tensed, having absolutely no idea about how and what to accomplish. Waiting outside the board room, to be called in and tested for the job. Not one, not two, but six members of the faculty and the Registrar. Not to forget the surprise visit of the Vice Chancellor during the course of my presentation. Thank God, the presentation went well and I got to serve on a post no one expected me to be on. Thank you tenure, for the endless work, restless nights, Off time duty at the gate, the run for sponsors, the run with sponsors, the run from sponsors. The honor, the concern and a sense of belonging and authority the post brought can never be overlooked. The struggle of signing hundreds of certificates in a day, the dead run to pre-pone the fest, to finalize the stars, to get the budget signed. The Invitations, Mementos, the ramp! Not to forget the chance to meet the stars, to open the event and end the same with a sweet and heart felt “Vote of Thanks”. To drive the unforgettable Maruti 800 during the fest time, racing the campus as if another Buddha Circuit.
Most importantly, thanks for the hundreds of photographs that shall always be an integral part of my JUIT Photograph folder. You taught me how to deal with people, problems, situations and constraints, how to maximize the output using the restricted input in order to surface an “expense buffer”. Pulled in several new friends, with a scoop of professionalism, all thanks to you! Finally learnt to push myself to the extreme in-order to keep the work flowing and achieving the desired targets. Throughout the course of my term, I have tried to collect every drop to create an ocean of inspiration and versatility, something that as per me, would inspire the future tenures. Personally, I have always tried to keep everyone happy. But it was you who taught me that what so ever I try for the same, it’s impossible to make both ends meet. One can never keep all the people happy. And I have absolutely no regrets, as this too was a new lesson! Thank you for helping me establish such close bond with my fellow students and the faculty.

Thank you for making my college life happening! I’ll miss you deeply,

Love, President

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