Dearest Didi

Dear Didi,

Happy Raksha Bandhan. Oh, how time flies. Feels like a while ago you were a little kid whose main priority is to eat your chocolate after I’ve finished mine. Feels like a while ago you hit the bullies who were mean to me. Feels like a while ago you cooked that chocolate cake despite my repeated nos. And here you are, all grown up. Oh, what could I say now? Oh, what should I say now? Remember how we went from you blaming me for the flask you broke to you taking me out for the New Year’s eve even though I was grounded? When you came to my PTM because I knew that would end up too drastic for mum. When you gave me your old phone which happened to be my first. Your “highly” acclaimed cooking skills (pun intended).

You becoming my fitness in-charge, “No more pizzas my buoy”, From those hair pulling kids to kids who complement each other, you are my informer of the outside world. And then we grew up, you went away to college and video calls became our only link for long months. And then off to job and I went to college, widening the distance, waiting for Diwali or some other occasion to finally meet you. But could a 1000 miles change us and the tales we share? Nope. “Believe in yourself and things will come your way”, is what you always told me. If anymore has a major role after mom and dad in framing me into whatever good I’m today, it’s you. I miss you, I know I hate to say this but, I have to.

None gets me the way you do. People can share a laughter but we share a childhood, so deep and true. It’s my first rakhi away from you.

Meet me soon,


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